Saturday, July 30, 2005


Okay Okay I am the first to admit that I have way too much Scrap Stuff, I spend the good part of today just cleaning up.

I just love my scrap space though, what I know refer to as my Scrap Studio (does sound good) was once part of our garage. David actually had his boxing bad and tools etc in there. I cam up with this brain one Sunday afternoon that hey I am taking over our office and that I needed my own space. Well you should have seen the look on my husband face, he went out to the farm for a few hours and by the time he had got back I had taken all his gear out and painted the concrete floor (I know you are thinking concrete floor - can't work) but I had other plans :).

David arrived home and I quickley blurted out my plans poor David I don't think he had the heart to tell me no. Anyhow that was about 12months ago and now here it is.........

Imgp1072_3 Imgp1073

   Imgp1075                       Imgp1077Imgp1082                                                       Imgp1079                                                               

mind you I have decided this is the best it will ever be, I am a messy scrapbooker, and I don't think it will ever be spotless or in order.

It is great spot it has a large timber sliding door that looks out to the driveway and there is a bit of a garden, I put an old outdoor setting there for when I want to paint and make big messes. I have an old wrought iron chair for a bit of decor I think it looks good. Oh and my stainless steel workshop bench cupboard thingy $25 at Bunnings looks fab with the little denim boxes I picked up at Bag a Bargain for $5 bucks I have used my dymo to label the contents.

I quite like wrought iron so I have displayed my paints in a stand and nailed it to the wall, the little white cupboard you can see is an olde bedside table drawer, and the big cupboard with all my mags and the 2 black binders which I keep all the mags I have been lucky to be published in, I actually picked up at a second hand store and I repainted it in Suede effects paint a moss green colour. The walls are my favourite colour combo Brown and Pink and my carpet is just a beige colour. The big timber cupboard is an old bar from our Pub at Redfern it is great cupboard space,

All in all I love and this is were I spend most of my time.

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  1. OMG!!!!! Girlfriend you have the most amount of stuff I have seen. I thought I had lots but no way you have the most. Looks like you win. lol.
    oh so have to come for a visit and check out your stash. makes mine look pretty pathetic.

  2. Hi Kylie, I found your blog through someone else's. I really enjoyed looking at your scrap space! I'm a messy scrapper too, although yours looks a bit more organised than mine! You can see my messy space on my blog where I spend all my time! Bye for now, Kate x

  3. Wow Kylie what an inspiring space!!!! Love it!!!

  4. Hi Kylie!! WOW!! I loooove your scrap studio!! totally gorgeous!! I'm jealous lol!

  5. Ok miss Kylie !! I must come and scrap with you LOL .. i adore your space !! so creatively friendly LOL ..!!

  6. Kylie,
    I don't think your place is messy. I love those square travel case boxes and the acrylic boxes for storing ribbon is a great idea.