Tuesday, July 5, 2005

On the weekend David & I went down to Sydney for our good friends Son's 21st birthday. The party was held at our Pub in Park Street the Coronation Hotel. It was a great night at the food was beautiful. (Lee I actually sat at the same table from a lady from Orange her name was Annie and her father is the owner and founder of Soul Pattinson Chemist) she was realy nice.

I had the day in the city shopping it was a great day no kids and no rushing. I  made two puchases (what do you think mum) I blame my mum for my shoe/handbag fettish, have to blame someone.

Imgp0803_1 Imgp0806_1  The shoes are fantastic. They are lepoard spots and they have a fantastic brooch onthe front anthey are ZU thay are so comfy. The Imperial Arcade which is 7 stories of shoes on Pitt Street had 50% off so I just could not leave them there.

And the Bag how cute!!! It is hot pink and Mustard yellow leather, with ribbons all ov er the front, it is lined inside with green gingham -love it!!!

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