Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Finaly got them ALL DONE!!!!!

Well I have finally managed to get all my classes from ISC and Rebekka E finished. Ooh by the way scoop on Rebekka E she has left SSS and has gone out on her own can't wait to see what she has done.

Anyhow below are some photo's of the finally finished products.....

The first few are of a Tin I did in one of Kerrin's class, and thelittle booklet went inside it was meant to be what's in a name, but the sponser did not supply enough products so we were given packs made already made up - I was really pinged off at first but I was one of the luckier ones and my pack was GO GIRL so Chelsea photo's were okay!!

Imgp0817 Imgp0823

Imgp0819 Imgp0820 Imgp0821


This next photo is Maxine's Altered Frame class I loved it and the frame just looks great and sooo easy to do!!!


These ones are from Rebekka E's class that I did in Young, we did a Quote Sampler book and a travel tin. I decided to put photo's of my travels and scrappinbooking ISC's photo's and Crop for Cancer in Canberra with Kass.

Imgp0809 Imgp0810                         Imgp0812                 Imgp0814                     Imgp0815                     Imgp0816

Here are all the TAGS I swapped with sooo many wonderful girls at ISC Gold Coast!!!!


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  1. WOW these all look so cool!
    Hey are you going to get to Canberra next week. I will be there from Tuesday to Sunday. You should try and come on Thursday and come to Nics class on Thursday night.

  2. Wow you have been busy!!! looks unreal ..
    Yeah you should come to canberra .. it would be unreal to catch up again!!

  3. This all looks wonderful Kylie....you have been a busy bee....love your BTP in SM!!!