Saturday, July 30, 2005

another one bites the dust

Well I have just finished some CJ pages for the KSK CJ Group I am in - this was the quickest one ever, I am trying to restrict myself to not being so lumpy bumpy and I can assure you it was very hard :0(. These pages are for Karen hope you like them Karen!

Carrot_cake Carrot_cake_page_2

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Okay Okay I am the first to admit that I have way too much Scrap Stuff, I spend the good part of today just cleaning up.

I just love my scrap space though, what I know refer to as my Scrap Studio (does sound good) was once part of our garage. David actually had his boxing bad and tools etc in there. I cam up with this brain one Sunday afternoon that hey I am taking over our office and that I needed my own space. Well you should have seen the look on my husband face, he went out to the farm for a few hours and by the time he had got back I had taken all his gear out and painted the concrete floor (I know you are thinking concrete floor - can't work) but I had other plans :).

David arrived home and I quickley blurted out my plans poor David I don't think he had the heart to tell me no. Anyhow that was about 12months ago and now here it is.........

Imgp1072_3 Imgp1073

   Imgp1075                       Imgp1077Imgp1082                                                       Imgp1079                                                               

mind you I have decided this is the best it will ever be, I am a messy scrapbooker, and I don't think it will ever be spotless or in order.

It is great spot it has a large timber sliding door that looks out to the driveway and there is a bit of a garden, I put an old outdoor setting there for when I want to paint and make big messes. I have an old wrought iron chair for a bit of decor I think it looks good. Oh and my stainless steel workshop bench cupboard thingy $25 at Bunnings looks fab with the little denim boxes I picked up at Bag a Bargain for $5 bucks I have used my dymo to label the contents.

I quite like wrought iron so I have displayed my paints in a stand and nailed it to the wall, the little white cupboard you can see is an olde bedside table drawer, and the big cupboard with all my mags and the 2 black binders which I keep all the mags I have been lucky to be published in, I actually picked up at a second hand store and I repainted it in Suede effects paint a moss green colour. The walls are my favourite colour combo Brown and Pink and my carpet is just a beige colour. The big timber cupboard is an old bar from our Pub at Redfern it is great cupboard space,

All in all I love and this is were I spend most of my time.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


On Sunday the kids and I along with my nan, mum, brother and his girlfriend and my sister and her family headed up to the Selwyn Snowfields. The trip was a day out to celebrate my brothers birthday. Lucas considers himself a bit of a snowman (yeah right) lol :0) anyhow we had a great day and the kids had an absolute ball on the snow tubes, must admit so did I. The kids are at me now to take them back it was such a great day. Yes Yes I have some photo's of the day :0). Enjoy!!!

Girls Chels Mum_royce Clay Brianna

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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Last Sunday I decided to spunk up Royce and his friend Derek so that I could practice on a photo shoot - they totally loved it and the pics did not turn out to bad.

Boys_2_bw Bwboys1

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Saturday, July 23, 2005


Well I seem to be so busy during the week that I don't seem to have time to post. So is a the week's news.


The weekend was very busy sport as usuall, Chels and I went to hockey we both had wins and Royce and headed off to Footy, Royce's team won and Royce had a very good game scoring 5 tries, he was pretty excited to come home and tell me, I hate it when I can't watch him play.

Sunday was pretty quite actually got lots done around the house.


Last day of the School Holidays so Royce spent the day at the farm riding his motorbike and CHelsea and I went over to Wagga and had a very girly day looking at the shops.


Cleaned up around the house all day, with the weather so nice and everything finally green you feel like getting out and doing a bit. I climbed on the rood and chopped back all our banksia roses they are taking over our house.


Well it started off very exciting - David has decided to concrete part of our driveway YIPPEE only been waiting 7 years anyhow all was good until the backhoe driver busted one of our pipes AAAAGHHHHH no water now for three days I don't want to even talk about it.


Still no water and now to make matters worse they had to dig up all my pavers and garden (no not my garden) to fix the pipes :0( I just want it all to go away.

Took Royce to football training to get away from it all.

Did do some Changing Room style stuff today and moved cupboards and tables around my house, my husband says he never knows were the lounge is going to be when he gets home - I am always changing rooms around lol.

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Friday, July 15, 2005


Wow if you have kids you just have to go. We went down to Sydney on Tuesday so we could take the kids to Disney on Ice on Wednesday. The show was just FABULOUS!!!! The American's really know how to put a show on. My little girl Chelsea just loved it, all the characters were there and the talent on Ice Skates was unreal.

After the show Chelsea was lucky enough to go to the edge of the ICe and touch some of the Characters. She was thrilled to touch the Little Mermaid, and all of the Handsome Prince's.

Beauty__the_beast Mushoo                        I have heaps of phots's so I will post some more later.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Finaly got them ALL DONE!!!!!

Well I have finally managed to get all my classes from ISC and Rebekka E finished. Ooh by the way scoop on Rebekka E she has left SSS and has gone out on her own can't wait to see what she has done.

Anyhow below are some photo's of the finally finished products.....

The first few are of a Tin I did in one of Kerrin's class, and thelittle booklet went inside it was meant to be what's in a name, but the sponser did not supply enough products so we were given packs made already made up - I was really pinged off at first but I was one of the luckier ones and my pack was GO GIRL so Chelsea photo's were okay!!

Imgp0817 Imgp0823

Imgp0819 Imgp0820 Imgp0821


This next photo is Maxine's Altered Frame class I loved it and the frame just looks great and sooo easy to do!!!


These ones are from Rebekka E's class that I did in Young, we did a Quote Sampler book and a travel tin. I decided to put photo's of my travels and scrappinbooking ISC's photo's and Crop for Cancer in Canberra with Kass.

Imgp0809 Imgp0810                         Imgp0812                 Imgp0814                     Imgp0815                     Imgp0816

Here are all the TAGS I swapped with sooo many wonderful girls at ISC Gold Coast!!!!


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On the weekend David & I went down to Sydney for our good friends Son's 21st birthday. The party was held at our Pub in Park Street the Coronation Hotel. It was a great night at the food was beautiful. (Lee I actually sat at the same table from a lady from Orange her name was Annie and her father is the owner and founder of Soul Pattinson Chemist) she was realy nice.

I had the day in the city shopping it was a great day no kids and no rushing. I  made two puchases (what do you think mum) I blame my mum for my shoe/handbag fettish, have to blame someone.

Imgp0803_1 Imgp0806_1  The shoes are fantastic. They are lepoard spots and they have a fantastic brooch onthe front anthey are ZU thay are so comfy. The Imperial Arcade which is 7 stories of shoes on Pitt Street had 50% off so I just could not leave them there.

And the Bag how cute!!! It is hot pink and Mustard yellow leather, with ribbons all ov er the front, it is lined inside with green gingham -love it!!!

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