Saturday, June 18, 2005


This year in sport Royce is 8 but he has to compete against 8yrs and 9 year old boys, so he has a disadvantage this year but an advantage next year apparently it is only in public schools and only happens in this age bracket. Anyhow to compete at PSSA you need to come a place at your local school carnival, Royce came in third after 2 nine year olds so he was the first 8 year old boy home and this qualified him for PSSA. On Tuesday we took Royce over to Harden to run in his PSSA Cross Country, Royce had to run 2km and there were 80 children in his race, there were only a hand ful of 8 year old boys that made it to this level, Royce ran extremely well and cam in 35th place and was the first Gundagai boy home, his friend Sam from South School who is 9 also from Gundagai came 50th they both ran very well and we were very proud of their efforts - WELL DONE BOYS!!!!

Look out next Year :0)

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