Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Elf Potion

Today I spent the morning with Royce at School helping out as reading mum. I love to go in and see what all the kids are up to. The children have been learning to write procedures and today's was on how to make Elf Potion. The children had to bring the ingredients in from home and I can tell you not one of the Potions was the same.

Royce's ingredients were as follows:

Nutra Grain,Coconut,Vegemite,100's and 1000's,herbs and spices, garden mulch,tomato sauce, washing powder, elf juice and elf dust

Sounds nice I know - but they had fun!!! and I had fun helping.

Off to Wagga tomorrow with my sister - should be catching up on house work but it will keep :0).

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