Friday, May 20, 2005

PACKING!!! :0)

Yesterday was spent all day at Royce's combined school's Cross Country, Royce did very well racing in the Under 8's and 9's coming in third place. 1st and 2nd went to the two 9 year old boys so Royce was the first 8 year home.... great work Royce!!!! Now he is off to Harden to compete in the Riverina Cross Country.

Today has been spent packing my gear for the ISC at the Gold Coast and just trying to get the kids gear ready. With sport on the weekend they need lots of gear organised. My husband thinks I am mad but I have each days clothes etc in the kids rooms in neat piles with cards stating what day to wear!!! (I know what he is like).

Can't wait for tomorrow - up early to catch the plane at 6.30 which will get me to Coolangatta at 11.00, will be good to catch up with all the girls.

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