Monday, May 16, 2005

Lazy Sunday!!!

Well today was a very lazy not so productive Sunday - which I guess is how they should be. Chelsea had a sleepover at her friends for her 6th birthday her very first birthday for kindy and then she had another today she was so tired by tea time .

Royce played football at Boorowa yesterday - they had a win and his mate stayed for the night and they both watched the footy Saturday Night till I finally pushed them to bed!!! (THEY LIVE FOR FOOTY)

We sometimes go the club for Sunday lunch, we all enjoy this, Royce loves to have Roast Chicken - then it was home to my ironing GREAT!!!

Well I have a very busy week this week which includes packing for ISC Gold Coast YIPEEEEE!!!!

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  1. Yeah yeah rub it in that you are going to ISC and I am not :O( LOL

  2. Have a GREAT time at the covention Kylie. Not long to go now!!!