Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Well today was a very busy day.... I had an appointment in Wagga at 10.00 which is about an hour away then I had to be back by 12.00 for the children's book fair. Well as usual my doctor was running late therefore I was late to the school. Well chelsea was so upset as she thought I was not going to see her work. By the time I got to her classroom she started to cry, then I neally started crying because I felt so bad for being late.  But I was able to see her work and of course it was fabulous!!! and then K, 1 and 2 sang to the parents.

The kids picked out there books and we read them tonight by the fire. So Chelsea was happy with the books he selected.

Royce has his cross country tomorrow and Chelsea has Jazz so my day is pretty busy tomorrow, I still have to pack bags for ISC and organise my kids for the weekend. But I will get there :0), can't wait for the weekend.

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  1. Oh poor Chelsea!
    Yeah yeah keep rubbing it in about ISC

  2. I look forward to reading this every night, I can see what you have all been up to for the day, as I miss you and miss out on a lot because I live away from you all.
    luv mum